Champlain believes that claims handling is key to the success of any insurer. A key component of our Company’s business philosophy is an integrated underwriting and risk management process that takes advantage of a continuous feedback loop between claims and underwriting.

Through a service agreement with affiliate West Congress Risk Services, Champlain draws from a specialized and deeply experienced claims staff, sophisticated data capture systems and processes and hands on expertise in managing Champlain’s select business. While claims are being handled by West Congress Risk Services, oversight and reviews are controlled by Champlain executive management.

Monitoring and information sharing regarding individual claims, legal developments impacting coverage and interpretation of forms; data collection and analysis regarding claim attributes and outcomes. 

Claims Function: Core Principles

  • Ownership driven claim handling philosophy
  • Sense of urgency in developing pertinent facts to identify coverage issues, damage information and assessment of liability 
  • Prompt payment of claims that are within the scope of the coverage issued and defense of claims beyond the scope of the coverage granted
  • Process driven approach to creating an appropriate action plan to move claim toward a fair resolution under applicable law and policy
  • Dynamic environment with ongoing training and communication regarding changes in forms, trends and litigation environment
  • Optimal workload management focusing on assignment to appropriate claim professionals who maintain manageable workloads
  • Utilization of a vast network of independent coverage and defense counsel with national scope
  • Reserves will be established based on accepted industry standards and will reflect the amount the Company expects to ultimately pay on a claim.  This is a realistic but cautious view of the ultimate resolution value of a claim.  Reserves will be reviewed and revised, if necessary, based upon information to date.   Claim reserves will not be based on a best or worst-case scenario

Claim Department Differentiation

  • Utilization of an end-to-end claims management system with extensive data capture capabilities.
  • Highly trained claims professionals, with diverse background who understand when and how to apply resources to deliver efficient and prompt resolution and better claim outcomes.  
  • Use of claims staff in the design and development of policy forms
  • Monitoring and information sharing regarding individual claims, legal developments impacting coverage and interpretation of forms
  • 50 States or jurisdictions managed from a central location for consistency

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