Environmental, Social and Governance

The Company’s lead investor, GDH, has a long track record of commitment to ESG initiatives.  Currently, GDH owns and operates the fourth largest provider of early childhood education in the United States and the largest provider of early childhood education to bottom half of America’s children.  GDH is pursuing plans to bring its innovative curriculum and low-cost operating model to tens of thousands of children from low-income families across the country.

Also, through GDH, CIG is affiliated with qualified opportunity zone businesses and has established its business locations in federally identified opportunity zones where its presence can impact and improve the local economy through increased tax revenues, support of local vendors and businesses, and job creation and career path opportunities not typically available in such areas.

Champlain’s underwriting and claims administration functions operate in a “paper free” environment with all underwriting and claims files created and stored electronically, saving millions of sheets of paper annually from the traditional “hard copy” underwriting and claims files.