Your clients built their businesses by sweat equity. But in a flash, all that hard work could disappear. The professionals at Champlain Insurance Group understand the importance of crafting the right excess liability insurance solutions for your clients.

Program Highlights:

  • Occurrence or claims-made coverage
  • Customized/risk-tailored approach
  • Centralized submission, processing, placement and servicing
  • Broad risk appetite
  • No minimum premium
  • Lead or excess layer positions

Target Segments/Risks:

Middle market risks for:

Artisan Contractors

Residential and commercial roofing and other artisan contractors

Equipment installation, servicing, and repair


Land-based energy site and service contractors (“around the hole” and “over the hole” risks)

Oil & gas product risks

Security services firms

Security or patrol agencies with armed and unarmed operations

Detectives or investigators with armed and unarmed operations

Armored car and transport services

Alarm systems companies

Alarm installation and servicing contractors

Alarm monitoring companies / central station

Alarm manufacturers

Fire Suppression Companies

Commercial and residential system installation

Commercial and residential sales, service, or design

Fire extinguisher sales or service

Dealers or distributors of safety equipment


  • Commercial Excess Liability Up To -$5MM Occurrence/$5MM Aggregate
  • Manuscript endorsements specifically designed for target segments

Small and middle market businesses, now more than ever, need insurance protection that requires a deep understanding of their risks in order to be priced right and serviced properly. –

Richard Smith